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As this website is primarily based around photography and the associated images produced, this page aims to provide guidance on the legal use of the images shown on this website.

The following copyright statement applies to all photography and images that are shown on this website. This includes images that are on information pages such as the "equipment" page, not just those on the main gallery pages.

I encourage you to read the information provided in this Copyright Statement before downloading, printing or linking to any of the images contained on this website.

Copyright is attributed to both the producer of the images, namely, TheTestSpecimen, and this website (Filmgrain or filmgra.in) as long as it is owned by TheTestSpecimen. If in doubt, all copyrights sit with the producer of the images, namely, TheTestSpecimen.

TheTestSpecimen © 2019-2023 . All Rights Reserved.

Filmgrain © 2019-2023 . All Rights Reserved.

Official Copyright Information and Guidance

There is plenty of missinformation about how and what you can use photographs and images found on the internet for. You may, for example, be under the impression that if attribution is provided next to the image then all is above board. This is very far from the truth, and could get you in some bother.

As a form of very simple guidance the UK government has produced quite a useful document that outlines what is and what isn't acceptable in the eyes of the law with regard to photography and image copyright. I would encourage you to take a read of this document (which is actually well laid out and easy to read), rather than trusting someone else's opinion on the matter (including mine):


Acceptable personal use

The following are a list of conditions where I (TheTestSpecimen) grant usage of the images on this website without prior written consent or charge:

  • desktop / wallpaper backgrounds of your personal computer / tablet / phone when not in a commercial setting or publicly viewable
  • students who wish to encorporate the images into their reports, presentations etc. are free to do so as long as proper attribution is provided. (Please see the section on attribution for further details of what is required.)

Acceptable attribution

If it has been agreed that attribution is required, please see the following list of requirements which must be met before attribution is considered acceptable:

  1. Either "Copyright TheTestSpecimen" or "© TheTestSpecimen" must be displayed next to the image.
  2. The email address info@filmgra.in must be inculded next to or below the copyright statement of item 1 of this list
  3. The copyright information and email address must be clearly readable by an average person at the intended viewing distance of the photograph or image.

Commercial and Other uses

If you wish to use the photographs or images on this website for commercial, or any other use, with the exception of those outlined in "Acceptable personal use", then it is required to get written consent from the copyright holder (TheTestSpecimen) prior to any usage of the image.

To gain written consent please send an email to info@filmgra.in and state the images you would like to use, duration of use, how and where they will be displayed, and any other information which you think is relevant.

Any commercial usage of the photographs on this website without prior written consent is a violation of International Copyright Laws.

Copyright Infringement

I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort producing the photographs shown on this website, not least due to the extra processing required with film photography. I would appreciate if you could show respect to my efforts, and not use the content shown here without prior consent.

If your use case is not outlined in the "Acceptable personal use" section, do not assume that a fee will be required. I am more than willing to allow usage with attribution, and without a fee, if the use case of the images is compelling to me. I would encourage you to send me an email if you think you may sit in this category.

Further relevant information

Further terms and conditions and details relating to the privacy policy of this website are available here:

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